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August 2011
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  • With unemployment figures high, gas prices rising and the uncertainty of the economy, you can find people complaining just about everywhere you turn. They can be your family, friends, neighbors and other job seekers who have not yet found a job. It’s important to think for a moment about the discussion you have with the people around you. If everyone is focused on discussing problems it may be clear that you need to seek out relationships with people who are positive and productive. These are the people who will help bring out the best in you.

    When you are in a job search, it is better to be alone, than in the wrong company. When you hear others complain, realize that their "noise" can prevent you from moving forward in your job search. Discussions with the right people can begin to bring life to your search and will help you build a professional network that can benefit you throughout your entire career.

    If you truly want to change your life in the fastest way possible, change the five people you hang around with most (excluding family members of course). Begin to associate with people who have attained the level of success you are attempting to achieve. Winners see the glass half full, not half empty. Unfortunately, some people don’t even see the glass.
    The next time you hear someone complaining, view them as "noise" and remove yourself from the discussion. Winners see obstacles as opportunities, they accept objections as requests for more information and have the mindset that failure is NOT an option. Your attitude and expectations have a tremendous impact on the success of your job search.

    Misery may want company – but decide today, it is not going to be YOU!

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  • If you are spending most of your time at home in front of your computer, it’s time to shake up your routine. Applying online is by far the easiest way to apply for jobs – but it’s NOT the most effective. When you’re in a job search for more than six months -your daily routine is set on automatic pilot. This week, spend 75% of your time networking, setting up informational interviews and marketing yourself directly to hiring authorities. Rather than sending emails, pick up the phone and have conversations. Leave a voicemail that shows your target how it will benefit them to call you back. Get out of your house and force yourself to interact with people who are working. You NEVER know who can open a door that results in your next job opportunity.

    When you log into our Career Portal in addition to the proven 16 step process listed in the Three Phases of a Job Search, there is great information contained in our Library. Click on the Library Tab on the Career Portal Home Page and you will find several folders FILLED with great resources to assist your search.

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