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September 2011
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  • You must know and be able to communicate the answer to this question in order to receive job offers. Imagine for a moment that you are up against two other job seekers who have the same education, experience and expertise that you possess. Why should someone hire you?

    These factors are also considered in the hiring process.
    Which job seeker demonstrated…

    • the strongest interest in the opportunity being offered?
    • the highest level of confidence in their ability to do the job?
    • knowledge of the company as well as the job being offered?
    • the ability to fit into the company culture?
    • talents which would enhance current team members?
    • a track record of accomplishments and how they impacted past employers?
    • the ability to make the hiring authority “look good!”

    Don’t assume for one minute that hiring authorities are going to take the time to figure out who is the best fit for their opportunity. It is up to you to show a high level of interest, stress your accomplishments and the impact on past employers, as well as a higher level of confidence in your ability to get the job done.

    Finding a job is a competition and you want to WIN by obtaining the job offer. It is your job, as a job seeker, to eliminate the competition by clearly showing the hiring authority why you are the person who will provide the greatest return on their investment (your salary package) if they hire you! Go out there and WIN!

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  • During this week’s live Job Seeker Webinar, one of the participants was upset over an article she had read in a popular magazine. Most of these articles are written by individuals who are not hiring authorities or involved in placing people in jobs. It is a fact that good news does not sell newspapers or advertisements. Remember, many of the individuals included in the unemployment numbers are NOT actively looking for a job.

    Many corporations are enjoying record profits, job satisfaction is under 50% which is the lowest in history and baby boomers are still retiring in record numbers. These trends are in your favor as a job seeker. You owe it to yourself to quit watching, reading or listening to negative news. The success you do or do not enjoy depends greatly on your attitude and expectations. If you think you CAN find a job or CAN’T find a job – you’re right!

    It’s time to “tune out” all negativity and view it as noise! The next time someone tells you what you can’t do, the next time someone tells you why you won’t find a job, and the next time someone tries to limit you…ignore the noise and develop the attitude of “JUST WATCH ME!”

    It is important that you become very comfortable interviewing. The individual who obtains the job offer is not always the person with the best credentials. It is often the person
    who interviews best. Log into our Career Portal and review all the information in Phase 3 of the Job Search Process – INTERVIEW. Click on all five steps and review the
    information shared. This information reveals the secrets used by professional recruiters and will help you ace interviews which will lead to job offers.

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  • During your job search, you will be subject to the opinions of people reviewing your resume, interviewers, hiring authorities, family and friends. It is easy for you to get frustrated when those opinions screen you out from consideration.  You must realize that opinions are often not based on facts. They are someone’s interpretation of what they perceive as fact. A lack of communication or feedback is even more frustrating because you don’t know why you were screened out or what you need to improve. If you are utilizing Job Boards or Website Postings, often you do not receive feedback due to the volume of responses.  In many cases you could be screened out by a computer using an automated screening system.

    Family and friends don’t realize how hurtful their remarks, opinions and advice can be when you are desperately trying to find a job. You must also realize that these individuals have NO expertise in how to conduct a successful search. The job market today is much more competitive and automated making it more difficult to schedule interviews and obtain valuable feedback.

    Do yourself a favor and block out the negativity and noise in your life. Don’t allow the opinions of others to become your reality. When you are told what you will NOT be able to accomplish, automatically think to yourself, “just watch me!” One great example: Michael Jordan was told by his high school coach that he was not good enough to play high school basketball. Just imagine how different his life would have been if he believed that coach and quit playing basketball.

    Your attitude, expectations and self confidence level greatly affect the success of your job search. Starting today, expect great things to happen and kick your job search into high gear.

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  • Needs and wants are the foundations on which you set realistic and attainable
    goals. If the goals that you are setting are what you really want or need out of
    life, you are motivated and more likely to achieve them. If the goals you are
    setting are meeting someone else’s wants or needs, you will probably find it
    frustrating to try to attain them. It is extremely important that you take the
    time to explore and identify both your needs and wants. Once you have identified
    these, you are now beginning to identify what it means to be successful by your
    own personal standards.

    When you are considering your needs and wants it is important not only to
    distinguish between the two, it is also imperative to examine how many times the
    should’s in your life will get in your way. Every time you believe that you
    should do something, you are implying that you neither want nor need this, but
    somehow you feel required to do it. These should’s will drain your energy and
    take your focus off of what is truly important. If you live your life being
    accountable for the should’s, you are limiting your opportunities as you make
    your career decisions. The goal is to eliminate as many should’s as

    Your needs are the things that you truly need to survive. Your needs are
    anything which you perceive as necessary for your personal well-being. When your
    basic needs are met you feel secure. Your needs are usually your highest
    priority. These items are all fundamental to the pursuit of happiness.

    Your wants are the items which you have a strong desire for, but may not be
    essential for your personal well-being. Your wants have more to do with
    enriching your life. Balance and common sense are necessary to make appropriate
    choices about your wants.

    Pure logic or even common sense are not necessarily operative when
    considering your needs and wants. There are times when the desire for immediate
    gratification enters the picture causing wants to become a greater priority than
    needs. It is very important to clearly know what you need and what you can wait
    for even though you want it. You must satisfy your basic needs and work calmly
    towards satisfying your wants.

    Use these three simple guidelines when conducting your search:

    1. Formally write down what you NEED to live at survival level.

    2. Clarify what you WANT and when you want it.

    3. Sort out the SHOULD’S that you have become tied to.

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