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October 2011
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  • It can be very frustrating not to be called back.  However, there could be a
    valid reason. Too often you call and ask for information that is important to
    you.  The hiring authority does not see the benefit to
    to call you back.

    Rather than asking for an update, offer
    to provide them with additional information.  Instead of asking a question,
    offer new solutions to their problems.  Instead of an email, send them
    additional positive references.  Instead of asking for information, send samples
    of your work.

    • Hiring authorities will call you back if they see the benefit to them.
    • Hiring authorities will call you back if they think you will make them look
    • Hiring authorities will call you back to obtain additional information.

    Leave a different message and you WILL be called back!

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  • Now is the time to apply for Holiday job opportunities.  Start out considering
    the stores you support, because you are familiar with their merchandise.  Dress
    for an interview and go in person to attempt to meet with the manager.  You
    may be asked to apply online.  Most Holiday positions involve working evenings
    and weekends and require flexibility on your part to work odd hours.  Showing
    that you are willing to do this will enhance your chances of landing a job.
    This will provide you with current experience on your resume, it will generate
    income and you will be in a position to network with other individuals who are
    working.  If you land a full-time opportunity, you can always resign from your
    Holiday job…and wouldn’t that be a great problem to have.  Start filling out
    applications today!

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  • The Internet makes research extremely accessible.

    Whether you are unemployed, underemployed or NOT employed you need to commit to minimum standards daily which are outlined below.


    1.       Mail out 10 resumes every single day to a prospective employer. Handwrite the envelope and put “Personal and Confidential” in the left hand corner, so the decision maker is actually the person who opens your envelope.
    2.      Research additional companies in your profession.
    3.      Call into those companies to identify the person who would be your supervisor.
    4.      Read classified ads, Internet postings and the employment pages on the websites of the employers you have targeted.
    5.      Subscribe to trade publications. Read articles that uncover possible positions or expansions.
    6.      One week after mailing out your resume, contact your prospective employers with a goal of scheduling a face-to-face interview.
    7.      Tell every person you meet that you are a “FREE AGENT IN THE OPEN JOB MARKET” so they can also network for you.
    8.     Don’t make up your mind BEFORE an interview. Go on the interview with one mission…TO GET AN OFFER.
    9.      Realize a job search is very FAIR. What you get out of it, is very commensurate to the effort you have put into your search.

    Your new opportunity is not going to find YOU; you need to become extremely PRO-ACTIVE in your search! If you make 10 new contacts per day, it will only be a matter of time until you are working for your next employer in your great new position!


    1.       Compile a list of targeted companies.
    2.      Research the appropriate person to contact.
    3.      Utilize Watch That Page or Indeed to monitor the employment pages of your targeted companies (these services are FREE).
    4.      Join your Professional Association and become active so your efforts get noticed by prospective employers.
    5.      Subscribe to trade publications. Read articles that uncover possible positions or expansions. Just as important, submit articles that you have written for those publications. When you get printed, you are automatically elevated to the status of “EXPERT!”
    6.      Mail out a blind resume weekly (stressing accomplishments) to prospects.
    7.      The week after mailing out your resume, contact your prospective employers with a goal of scheduling a face-to-face interview.
    8.     Don’t make up your mind BEFORE an interview. Go on the interview with one mission…TO GET AN OFFER.
    9.      The process of finding a new Job or making your next Career Move is a very FAIR process. What you get out of it, is very commensurate to the effort you have put into your search. Your dream job will not seek you out, you need to be pro-active. 

    There are three kinds of people…

    1.     Those who Make Things Happen
    2.   Those who Watch Things Happen
    3.   Those who Wonder What Happened?

    When it comes to your career you want to be the person who Makes Things Happen. If you want more detailed information on how to position yourself in the Job Market please visit

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  •  Whether you’re Unemployed, Under Employed, or Employed and Looking to Change Careers, there is a Certain Level of Activity needed to Ensure you Advance your Career!

     If you’re not working and looking for a new opportunity, your full-time job is your job search! You should be spending every day getting that much closer to your goal of securing a new career opportunity.

     If you are working but would make a change for the RIGHT opportunity, you need to dedicate at least 10 hours per week toward this change. If you do not intend to retire from your current position, it is wise to realize the importance of networking. Your only job security is YOU. It’s your ability to keep your skills current, position yourself in your current company and make strategic career moves throughout your entire career.

    You will Enjoy RESULTS in the areas of your  life that get the most attention.

     Review the last thirty days of your Job Search or Career Advancement efforts and answer the following questions:

    1.       How many resumes did you mail out DAILY?
    2.      How many calls did you make daily following up on the resumes you have  previously submitted?
    3.      How many new companies and new hiring authorities do you research?
    4.      How many networking events did you attend?
    5.      How many job fairs did you attend?
    6.      What sites did you utilize to post your resume?
    7.      What new sources have you identified to uncover career opportunities?
    8.     How many informational interviews have you scheduled?
    9.      How many interviews with a prospective employer did you schedule?
    10. If your resume is not resulting in interviews, did you revise your resume?
    11.   Are you registered with search firms who specialize in your occupation?

    Are you getting the idea? Every single day you need to be marketing your experience, education and skills to prospective decision makers who could become your future employer.

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  • It’s time to review your job search activities in the past three months. You can learn from your failures as much as your successes. Consider the following questions:

    1. How many hours do you spend on your job search each day?
    2. Have you set minimum daily standards for your search?
    3. Do you accomplish these standards each day?
    4. How many hiring authorities have you talked to?
    5. How many interviews have you scheduled?

    The answers to these questions can provide you with insight on whether your search is moving forward, in neutral or going in reverse. Today is the best time to put
    your job search in high gear. Set and attain daily standards, re-contact everyone in your personal and professional network, call all past employers and co-workers, attend job fairs and networking events and take advantage of the hiring that will be done in the last quarter of this year!

    It is important to review the articles in our Career Portal Library as well as the information contained in the sixteen step process for finding a job. Identify where you are in the job search process and then read the materials that will help you advance your search. Try to spend one hour that you may be currently spending watching TV, listening to the radio or reading the newspaper reading the many articles contained in our Career Portal,!

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