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November 2011
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  • Your job search is a sales process so you will experience frustration, rejection and disappointments. It is so important to view these setbacks as lessons or
    opportunities to improve your job search techniques.

    If you are not scheduling interviews, it may be time to review and possibly adjust your job targets or career path. This could result in more interviews and a new
    fulfilling career.

    If you don’t interview well, practice answering the difficult questions like “Tell me About Yourself” and “Why did you leave your last job?” These questions are commonly asked and being prepared will help you ace your next interview.

    If your questions did not reveal the challenges or preferences of the hiring authority, rewrite the questions you will ask. The purpose of your questions is to reveal what is most important to this particular hiring authority so you can position yourself as their solution.

    The job market is improving, job offers are being made and if you stay positive and continue to improve your job search efforts, you will begin to enjoy results and obtain a
    job offer or offers!

    You attitude greatly impacts the level of success you will enjoy throughout your job search. See the cup half full and expect to succeed at identifying and landing your dream job!

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