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December 2011
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  • The Significance Of The Number SIX!

    It is important to know what successful job seekers are doing that you may not be doing in order to help escalate your search.  After reviewing their actions and activities we’ve realized the significance of the number SIX as follows:

    • Spending a minimum of SIX hours on their job search DAILY
    • Utilizing SIX different methods of finding a job including:
    1. Job Boards
    2. Employment Pages on Web Sites
    3. Direct Marketing to Hiring Authorities
    4. Consistently working their Professional Network
    5. Consistently working their Personal Network
    6. Social Media i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook etc.
    • Minimum standard of SIX interviews each month  (often more)
    • Attended SIX networking, job fairs or social functions monthly
    • Completed the SIXTEEN STEP PROCESS in our Career Portal in SIX weeks or less

    You can learn from these individuals that were in the same situation as you just a few weeks ago. Follow their lead and give yourself the best gift of all in the New Year – a New Job!

    GOAL SETTING FOR 2012 It’s time to write and read your new goals for 2012. If you have not yet written down specific goals, commit today to get them written BEFORE 1.1.12.  Your goals should include any and all areas that are most important to you. Examples:  Career, Financial, Personal, Health, Spiritual, Philanthropic, Education, etc. Write down your ten non-negotiable goals and follow them with 4 – 5 Action Items and Completion Dates.  If you don’t write them down, or include dated Action Items – there is a chance they will only have the longevity of some New Year’s Resolutions.  Lastly, post them where you can read them as you are conducting your job search efforts.  These goals remind you WHY it is important for you to focus on  your Job Search to turn the goals you’ve set into your reality in 2012.



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