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January 2012
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  • It’s important for you to get excited about participating in Job Fairs.  Job Fairs are reporting increased numbers of employers and available jobs throughout the US and Canada.  For example, a recent Job Fair sponsored by the American Legion for Veterans in New York had 4,000 job seekers attend and the employers participating represented over 3,000 available jobs.  Participating in Job Fairs should be one of your strategies in finding a new job.  Conduct your research so you don’t attend job fairs that do not represent the level or type of job you are seeking.  However, all job fairs provide a great opportunity for you to build your Professional Network.  Often the employers in attendance can forward your resume on to other hiring authorities within their organization or corporation.  Make a commitment today, to identify and attend at least one job fair in the next thirty days.  Also make sure you order your R! esume Cards to pass out to the other attendees.

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  • Take time today to review your resume and your cover letter. If you were a hiring authority, would you clearly understand the opportunities you are pursuing? Is it clear what industry or profession you are targeting? Would you be impressed by the accomplishments you have achieved and the impact they have had on past employers?

    Most employers will not take time to figure out where you would fit into their organization. Your resume and cover letter should provide them with that information. It is important to understand that an unclear resume may create confusion. If an individual screening resumes is confused by your paperwork, they may just move on to the next resume on the stack. Your resume is either a ticket to an interview or it is screening you out. If you are not able to schedule interviews, chances are you need to revise your resume and/or cover letter.

    It is also important to have a focused target. If you are open to everything, you probably won’t get anything. Employers want to know that you have targeted their company and opportunity because you have a high level of interest in working for them. They need to sense your high level of confident that you can do a great job for them. If you were a hiring authority, would you schedule an interview based on your current resume and cover letter? If you answer is NO, it may be time to revise your resume.

    Ask yourself each day, “How can I schedule an interview or an informational interview today?” The more you interview, the greater your chances become of finding that perfect opportunity!

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  • Take time to review how you communicate throughout your job search.  This week’s Job Seeker Training Webinar titled “Communicate More Effectively” focused on both written and verbal communication skills and the great impact they have on your level of success.  Another topic that was discussed was non-verbal communication through body language.  One criticism we hear often from hiring authorities is the lack of eye contact.  If you look down or away when providing an answer during an interview or informational interview, it comes across as dishonest.  You can look away when you think, but when you begin to talk you need to focus on the eyes of the hiring authority you are addressing.

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