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February 2012
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  • For the first time in months, the numbers for new jobs created in the month of January was much higher than anticipated.  I understand if you are still not working, these numbers may not excite you.  However, it is proof employers are hiring.

    If you are not obtaining results or scheduling interviews, you may need to change the way you are conducting your search.  Too often, job seekers spend most of their time on their computer.  Starting today, delay applying for jobs on Job Boards or websites until after dinner.  Applying to Job Boards should not represent more than 10% of your job search efforts.

    During the day, make personal contacts, telephone calls, book informational interviews, network, volunteer your time, attend job fairs and attend any event that will get you in front of potential employers.  You have the best chance of reaching decision makers and obtaining names during the hours of 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

    Hopefully in the not too distant future, you will be included in the number of newly employed job seekers!

    One of the best ways to find a job is to market yourself directly to hiring authorities.  Log in to our career portal and click on Library, then click Networking, then click Webinars.  Then click on the training webinar titled “Job Seeker Training Webinar – Direct Marketing is KEY to your Success.”  Set a minimum daily standard for your job search to market yourself to THREE hiring authorities daily and prepare to interview and hopefully accept a job offer!

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  • If you are not getting the results you want from telephone conversations, interviews or follow up calls, it may be time to record yourself.  Think of the times when a family member has called you and immediately asks you “what’s wrong?”, because they picked up something in your voice.  Something as simple as smiling when you talk can project a different impression on the phone.  It may not be what you’re saying that is preventing you from finding a job – it could be how you’re saying it.

    Hiring authorities want to hire job seekers who are competent, confident, convincing, interested and enthusiastic.  When you listen to a recorded conversation of yourself, would you use any of those words to describe the impression you made?  Much of the initial communication in a job search is achieved through the use of email.  When you leave a voice mail, it is often the first impression of your verbal communication skills and personality.  If you received a voice mail from yourself, would you return the call?  In your voice mail message did you show the hiring authority how they would benefit by calling you back – or was your message self-serving?

    Never underestimate the importance of good verbal communication skills.  Record yourself, make corrections and then re-record yourself until you are satisfied with the impression you make.  This is one of the quickest ways to improve the results you will achieve in your job search.

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