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March 2012
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  • It’s important not to focus on job titles when you are conducting your job search. There are often many different titles for the exact same job and level of responsibility. Also, don’t be afraid to apply for a job with a new or different title. Some of the fastest growing fields like environmental, green, energy or IT positions have their own set of job titles. Many of these new positions could utilize your past experience, education and talents.

    Focus on the description of the job and the credentials required by each position. If a job sounds interesting and you have the credentials listed, apply without hesitation. Many of these growing fields offer quick advancement potential and additional responsibilities once you have proven yourself.

    Quite often, if you have the credentials needed, jobs are created around your talents and abilities. That is why it is so important to NOT reject possible interviews because of a job title. Nothing happens until you get yourself in front of hiring authorities. It is not uncommon for hiring authorities to refer job seekers to other hiring authorities or departments within their own company.

    Your job as a job seeker is to interview as much and as often as possible. If you get in front of enough hiring authorities, you will eventually find a job and job offer that fits you perfectly!

    It is time to read your resume as if you were a hiring authority. Does your resume make you want to pick up the phone and learn more about you? Do the accomplishments you’ve listed truly depict what expertise you bring to the table?
    If you’ve answered no to these questions, it might be time to let an expert tune-up your resume. Our Career Portal offers you access to expert resume creators who have helped hundreds of our job seekers. An improved resume will help you land interviews and eventually find a job.

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  • Your secret weapons during a conversation or interview are the questions you ask to reveal the priorities of the person you are addressing.  Many times an informal conversation is utilized to screen candidates in or out of the interview process.  When you ask questions to determine what is most important to the person, they have an opportunity to focus on their needs and wants, which often makes them like you more.  The end result is that you get screened in!

    If you are not asked if you have any questions, it is always wise to let the person know you have questions.  You don’t want to shoot from the hip when asking questions.  Write down questions in advance that will reveal what is most important to each person in the interviewing process.

    It is also acceptable to pull out a list of questions that you have pre-written.  This shows preparation on your part and often impresses the interviewer.   You ask your questions, listen carefully to the answer and then position yourself as the person who can solve their problems.  This is also the time where you can bring up accomplishments or facts about yourself that never came up during the interview process.  Questions can make the difference of you getting screened in or out!

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  • Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to conduct a video interview.  Companies are sprouting up across the country, that provide their clients with the ability to conduct a video interview.  In many cases, this is replacing the phone interview and is often the first step of the interview process.  This is especially cost effective when you are interviewing for a position that would involve relocation.

    It is important that you are comfortable being filmed because this video interview is part of the screening process.  The only way to become comfortable in front of a camera is practice.   Have someone record you as they are asking you questions.  You may notice things like bad eye contact, too much blinking, pauses in your responses or phrases you may say when you’re nervous.  All of these could potentially result in you being screened out from consideration.

    This type of initial interview process is legal and there is a chance you may encounter a video interview in your search process.  Now is the time to practice and prepare, not when a video interview is already scheduled!

    This is directed at those of you who have utilized our Free Resume Review.  If your resume was reviewed, did you read the revisions and more importantly did you consider a Resume Tune-Up or Resume Re-Write?  Many of you have expressed frustration in trying to write a resume that will result in interviews.  The same experts who reviewed your resume are also very capable of providing you with a resume tune up or resume re-write at a very reasonable cost.  If you want to take advantage of their services and expertise, click the link below.

    Use this URL to access the Resume Services:
    Username: WMiller
    Password: (password you selected upon registration)
    *There is a limit of one free resume review per person.

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  • During our live Job Seeker Training Webinar this week, we were asked to explain how to most effectively utilize the resources within our Career Portal. There is a 16 Step Process for finding a job that has been separated into the following three phases: Prepare – Search & Connect – Interview

    Prepare focuses on the following areas: Assess, Select, Create, Improve, Set Standards and Resources.

    Search & Connect focuses on the following areas: Market, Network, Schedule, Solve and Maintain.

    Interview focuses on the following areas: Research, Meet, Follow-Up, Offer and Finalize.

    Under each of these sixteen areas there are articles, training webinars, audios and additional resources you may utilize.

    If you want to give new life to your search or you are just beginning the search process, it is important to follow each of these sixteen steps to conduct the type of search that will provide you with interviews that result in job offers. Many of the techniques and steps outlined are used by professional recruiters. This is your chance to learn and use techniques you won’t find in books or on-line through other resources. There are also many F.R.E.E. resources available including: Trade Publications, a Resume Builder, a Career Advisor, Educational Information, Assessments and Resume Cards.

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