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May 2012
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  • Don’t hesitate to interview for positions that are virtual. This job market is filled with demands for individuals who are willing to work temp, contract, part-time and virtual. The NATO Conference was currently held in the city of Chicago. It’s is amazing how many companies allowed their employees to work virtual this past Friday and Monday. In fact, many employers were impressed at how efficiently their offices ran with their employees working from home.

    You must protect yourself from possible scams, but there are many valid job opportunities working virtual.  Some companies offer a combination of traditional and virtual.  If an opportunity sounds too good to be true, or appears to be a get rich quick scheme, walk away.  However, you don’t want to shut the door on all virtual opportunities.  Just imagine for a moment the money you would save in commuting costs.

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  • When you are submitting your resume and cover letter, remember to stress the benefits of a future hiring authority selecting you over your competition.   Here are bad examples taken from cover letters:

    Example One:  “I’m looking for a position to help me ride out the next 13 months until I retire. I’m looking for a good salary and benefits.”
    Example Two: “I will accept a lower level position, until I can find a job in my field.”
    Example Three:  “I’ve been out of work for over a year, my unemployment is running out and I will accept any job you have available.”

    In all of these examples, the job seeker is focused on themselves vs. the benefits to the employer.   You don’t want to tell a future employer that you only plan to work 13 months.  You don’t want to tell an employer you will work for them until you find something better.  Lastly, you don’t want to ever appear desperate.  That will only result in a low ball job offer.

    You need to always keep one question in mind “Why should an employer hire you over your competition?”  Stress accomplishments and the impact they had on past employers.  Remember, this is a competition and you want to win.  Providing TMI (Too Much Information) can result in you being screened out based on your paperwork alone.

    Your job is to make this hiring authority look good.  Your job is to provide the greatest return on their investment (your salary).  Your job is to show them why you are the best fit for their company culture.  When you accomplish these things, you will be the person who is brought in for an interview and hired!

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