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November 2014
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  • Your unique selling proposition is more important than ever in today’s competitive job market. You spend your entire life building your credentials and your reputation. You are also acquiring attributes that make you unique. It is the job seeker who best articulates their Unique Selling Proposition that will progress in their career and ace out their competition.

    If you’re not sure of your Unique Selling Proposition, ask yourself the following questions:

    1. What can you say to an employer that other individuals cannot?
    2. What accomplishments have you achieved and what was the impact on past employers?
    3. Why should someone “really” hire you?
    4. How will you provide a better “return on investment” than someone else?

    Solid experience and credentials might result in an interview, but how do you stand out from other candidates? A critical requirement in getting hired is the ability to communicate your unique selling proposition USP and then link it to the profitability or challenges being faced by the company you have targeted. The time to identify your USP is at the beginning of your Job Search Process. You then communicate it to every prospective hiring authority from the moment you make you initial contact.

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  • The time to get a HOLIDAY JOB is now! Many companies are hiring hundreds of people over the holidays including retail stores, UPS, Federal Express, boutiques and anyone else impacted by the holiday rush. Two weeks ago, we had a woman on our weekly job seeker training call who took a job at the GAP in retail sales. She was an experienced Project Manager who had been out of work almost six months. In her second week of employment she waited on a woman and was having a casual conversation when it came up that she was an experienced Project Manager. The woman then revealed that her employer was looking for a Project Manager and as a result, she ended up accepting a new position at a higher salary than anticipated.

    Your ability to network dramatically increases when you are working. You can list current experience on your resume. Often, these seasonal jobs turn out to be full-time opportunities at higher levels. These are just a few of the reasons why you need to get out and find a job over the holidays. It also is good for your attitude and self-esteem to get out of the house and work – even if it is only a part-time holiday position.

    You will generate income, you will meet people on a daily basis and you never know who can open the door to your next job opportunity. Make a commitment today, to interview for holiday jobs within the next 24 hours. There is no better time than immediately, to get this done.

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  • Your Job Search can be compared to dating. If you don’t date – you’ll never get married. If you don’t interview – you’ll never get a job! Your primary focus must be to schedule as many interviews and informational interviews as possible. If you are not scheduling interviews every week, you need to change the way you are conducting your job search. Chances are you are spending too much time on your computer answering Job Board Postings which is where you have the highest level of competition and lowest return on your time!

    Benefits of an informational interview include:

    • Learning more about a Profession or Industry
    • Expanding your Professional Network
    • Informational Interviews often end up as an actual job interview
    • Contacts made may open doors to other hiring authorities or introductions
    • Help fine tune your ability to ask and answer questions

    If you are NOT scheduling interviews weekly, review the following:

    • Your Resume – it can either be a ticket to an interview or sabotaging your job search. (Now may be the time to review or rewrite your resume) 
    • Increase the number of resumes you are sending directly to hiring authorities (marked Personal & Confidential)
    • Increase your Professional and Personal Network DAILY
    • Offer to provide additional information each time you make a follow up contact
    • Utilize all forms of communication including: direct mail, telephone, email, text etc.

    Each interview helps you get more comfortable with the interview process and gives you the opportunity to get back to work. When you are planning out your day for tomorrow, ask yourself the question “What actions do I need to take tomorrow to schedule an interview?” If you are NOT actively interviewing on a consistent basis, you need to change the way you are conducting your search. If you have not completed the 16 Step Process for Finding a Job in our Career Portal, that would also add momentum to your search.

    No matter how long you’ve been in a job search start with PREPARE, then SEARCH & CONNECT and finally INTERVIEW. The Preparation Stage of a Job Search is where most mistakes are made. Follow this advice and you will schedule more interviews which can turn around your job search!

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  • Your Job Search is a life changing event filled with many emotions. Your normal routine is non-existent. You will consistently be forced out of your comfort zone and you will experience rejection daily. A Job Search can also be isolating, overwhelming and frustrating when you are not getting the results you anticipated.

    Take time today to appreciate who you are and what you have achieved to date. You are the same person who succeeded in the past and you will succeed in your future. Transition is never easy, but it’s important to not identify with failures that will occur throughout your Job Search. Your future employer will be fortunate to have you on their team.

    Think of when you felt great about yourself. Think about the time when you had the highest level of confidence and self-esteem. Think about when you felt on top of the world. That is the person who needs to conduct your Job Search. Potential employers will react very positively when they sense your enthusiasm and confidence.

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  • Your resume | CV is either helping or sabotaging your job search. If you are submitting resumes | CV’s and obtaining no results, you need to refine your resume | CV. Start out initially with getting feedback from your family members or friends. Give them a copy of your resume | CV and ask them to read the content rather than just proofreading it for spelling or grammar errors. When they have completed reviewing your resume | CV, ask them the following questions:

    1. What type of job or career am I applying for?
    2. How many years of related experience do I have?
    3. What are my greatest accomplishments?
    4. Did my resume | CV sell how I am more qualified than my potential competition?
    5. How do you feel I could improve my resume | CV?

    Your family members are not employment experts, but they are capable of letting you know what type of first impression your resume | CV conveys. They should be able to understand the type of job you are seeking. Your accomplishments and impact on past employers should be clear and concise. Your resume | CV must entice the reader to want to learn more about you and therefore schedule an interview.

    It is also very helpful to have someone review your resume | CV who does not know you. They will often provide more objective feedback and constructive criticisms that could help you refine your resume | CV. You can’t keep using the same version of your resume | CV and expect it to produce different results.

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