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June 2016
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  • A job search is not a comfortable or enjoyable process for most job seekers. If you have been in a job search for a period of time, frustration and the fear of the unknown can sabotage your job search process.


    • Limit the time you spend watching, reading or listening to the news. Remember good news does not sell advertising
    • Limit the time you allow yourself to worry – it truly is waster energy
    • Write down positive affirmations in the present tense and read them daily
    • Write down your highlight of each and every day
    • Conduct a reality check – and understand you WILL find a job!
    • Meditate at least 15 minutes daily


    • It is important to remember the definition of F.E.A.R. – False Events Appearing Real
    • Understand fear can negatively impact your health
    • Avoid political news that is basically fear-mongering
    • Realize frustration and fear will negatively impact your networking effort
    • Volunteer to help others less fortunate than yourself
    • Stay as busy as possible, viewing your search as your full-time job

    When you learn to minimize your frustration and fear, you will be more successful in your job search.

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  • When you are wrapping up your job search efforts each day, always ask yourself one question: “What do I need to do to schedule a job or informational interview tomorrow?”

    Make scheduling interviews your focus and priority every day. Nothing happens unless you do whatever it takes to get in front of hiring authorities. Spend less than 15% of your time responding to job boards. This is where you have the highest level of competition and lowest level of success.

    Become comfortable marketing yourself directly to your targeted companies. It takes time and research to identify the best companies and the person who would be your bosses’ boss. However, it is well worth your effort.

    Often Talent Acquisition professionals are not aware of a hiring authority who would love to upgrade someone on their team. The hiring authority has not told them about their dissatisfaction and has not taken any action to replace this person. Imagine the possibilities if your resume landed on the desk of this hiring authority. They would want to interview you to possibly replace their weak link. Make sure when you market yourself directly to hiring authorities that you submit your resume by regular mail and put the words personal and confidential in the lower left hand corner of the envelope because that is the only thing an assistant won’t open.

    Directly market yourself to hiring authorities DAILY and you will schedule more interviews. You will find more information on this in our Career Portal. If you haven’t completed the 15 step process for finding a job under the sections PrepareSearch & Connect and Interview – you owe it to yourself to get it done!

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  • Over 50% of the individuals finding a job in the current job market find their job through their networking efforts. You should be spending at least 50% of your time building your professional and personal networks.

    Every single person that you know who is working could be the person who opens the right door or makes the right introduction. Don’t only think of people in your profession or target. I know a CFO who was introduced to a CEO by his car mechanic!

    When you are working you always hear about job opportunities. When you are not working, it can seem like no one is hiring. Over 80% of the people currently working would make a change if given the opportunity. This job dissatisfaction is the highest it’s ever been in history which means there will be many people changing jobs. That is not a great percentage for hiring authorities, but it is great news for you.

    Share information and contacts with your network so in turn they will want to do something for you. Networking is a two way street and you must give more than you take if you want the individuals in your network to share their contacts.

    It is also wise to accept part-time, temp or contract work, in order to put yourself in a position to hear about other available job opportunities.

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  • When you are not obtaining the results you had envisioned in your job search, it is easy to begin the blame game. You can blame the economy, the job market, politics, the black hole of job boards and website postings, lack of communication or other reasons.

    You can’t control the economy, hiring authorities, the job market or what others do. However, you have 10% control over how you choose to react and often the best choice is NOT TO REACT at all. It’s empowering to choose not to react to things that happen. No one can make you upset, unhappy, or sad unless you give them permission, and why would you?

    You need to set minimum standards every day to keep your job search on track. Your full time job is your job search. Make sure you complete the 15 step process for finding a job in our Career Portal that shares secrets used by professional recruiters.

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  • Hiring authorities do not tolerate errors on application forms whether filled out online or in person. If proper spelling and grammar are not your areas of strength, copy the information in your resume. Many hiring authorities will screen someone out, when they notice errors on their application form and conduct a courtesy interview. It is too difficult to land interviews to make this fatal error.

    The application form you are given prior to an interview is the hiring authority’s first impression of your accuracy and written communication skills. They understand that often your resume and cover letter has been written by an expert. Many HR Professionals as well as Department Heads don’t conduct the interview, once they have identified errors or inconsistencies on the application form.

    It is also important to note that the “desired” salary you list is the highest you will ever be offered. You may decide half way through the interview process that you want more money, but the employer will always reference what you wrote on your application. You don’t want the number to screen you out, but you also don’t want to leave money on the table. If you are aware of the salary level being paid, try to quote a salary that is lower than the maximum they will offer. Most employers want to be able to offer advancement to individuals hired which is why they don’t want to quote the top of their salary range.

    Follow these tips and you won’t be screened out for an error on your application form!

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