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April 2015
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    You don’t want to waste your time or the time of hiring authorities, if their company is not going to pay you what you’re worth. You need to understand how employers set their salary levels and then adjust your job search.

    If a higher salary is not within a company’s budget, then hiring authorities are not in a position to offer you more money. Companies normally don’t bring in a new employee a higher salary level than the person leaving the job, unless they are enhancing the level of responsibilities.

    It is wise to have an understanding of the following:

    • Average compensation being paid by similar companies in their industry
    • Average pay for someone with your experience
    • How strong your credentials and experience match the criteria of the position

    Conducting this research will stop you from wasting time pursuing companies that can’t provide the compensation you required.

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    It is easy to feel isolated when you are conducting a job search, but there are people, events and resources who can help you add velocity to your search including the following:

    You – If you’re willing to make changes to the way you are conducting your search.

    The Sixteen Step Process for Finding a Job as outlined in our Career Portal – Start with #1 and completed all activities listed under each step. <x{(}>(Prepare- Search & Connect – Interview)

    Professional Networks and Professional Associations – Provide them with information and help and they will be more inclined to assist you. Keep them informed of your job search progress. Members of professional associations are well networked and can open doors or possibly hire you.

    Personal Network - Your family, friends and associates would love to help you if they knew exactly what they could do for you. Approach them in a very upbeat, positive way.

    Job Clubs – Individuals who are in charge of these job clubs are well connected. The individuals who attend often turn down offers that may represent your dream job.

    Job Fairs - Employers who attend job fairs have job opportunities they are trying to fill.

    Alumni Associations or Career Centers in your Educational Institution – Often these organizations are contacted by hiring authorities wanting to hire graduates.

    Social Media - Update your social media profiles utilized by your target market.

    Recommendations and Testimonials – Hiring authorities do react to the recommendation of others.

    Read Trade Publications – Articles in trade publications are filled with job leads.

    Follow this advice and you will add velocity to your job search and begin to enjoy the positive results!

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  • Sitting at home in front of your computer day in and day out answering job board ads and website postings is not the most effective way to conduct your job search. In fact, job boards and website postings are where you have the highest level of competition and lowest rate of return on your investment of time and effort.

    You can network and connect with people in every aspect of your life when you are conducting a job search. When you are not working it is tempting to do things during the day vs. when there are larger crowds after working hours. You should do basic tasks like grocery shopping, bringing in your mail, doctor’s appointments and other tasks when you would have done them when you were employed.

    Anyone currently working could open a door, make an introduction or provide a lead that could result in your next job opportunity. That is why it’s important for you to be out and about when you have the best chance of running in to people who are employed. When you are conducting your research for your job search, you also want to uncover any networking events including:

    • Job Fairs – Even if you think the job fair is beneath your level of experience; all company reps in attendance can introduce you to the appropriate decision makers.
    • Networking Events like Chamber of Commerce after hours – These events are often attended by employers and hiring authorities.
    • Social Gatherings – It is tempting to avoid social gatherings because you fear the question “What are you doing?” You need to respond “I’m a free agent in the open job market and I’ve learned so much.” This encourages questions and often leads to referrals.
    • Free Events | Parades | Community Events – There are many free events and you want to go wherever there are crowds of people. You will inevitably run into people you know, which provides you with networking opportunities.
    • Association Meetings <x{(}>(attend as a guest) – There is an association for every industry or career. Most associations will allow you to attend as a guest which provides you with a great networking opportunity.
    • Trade Shows – You can network with exhibitors as well as attendees at these events.
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    Technology has a tremendous influence on how interviews are conducted. It can be much more cost effective to conduct an interview using a phone or audio technology, than it is to fly a candidate in for a face-to-face meeting. It is important to be prepared, often at short notice for all interview situations.

    This unofficial first interview is often conducted without your knowledge. A hiring authority who has your Resume or CV conducts research to view your online reputation and presence. They are checking for consistency between your documentation and online profiles. They are also viewing the type of character you project on social media sites. Often, candidates are eliminated before they have knowledge of being considered for a position.

    The phone interview is normally used as a screening process. The purpose of this interview is to determine whether you will be screened in or out for a face-to-face interview. You normally have less than fifteen minutes to make a lasting impression and differentiate yourself from other candidates under consideration.

    Often minutes before a scheduled phone interview, you will be informed that the hiring authority prefers to conduct the interview utilizing SKYPE or other video resources like Windows Live which allows hiring authorities to see you as they are conducting the interview.  It is for this reason that you should set up a free SKYPE account in advance and always be dressed for an interview, even if the interview is scheduled as a phone interview.

    This type of interview is normally reserved for higher level positions and is normally conducted as part of an interview process – not necessarily the first screening interview. If you are asked to invite your spouse to join you for dinner, that is usually a sign that the company is seriously considering you. If your spouse is invited to join you for dinner, the company is seriously considering you and wants to ensure that you can carry yourself with clients in a professional manner.

    Never assume that the individuals who conducted your first interview have shared any information about you to individuals conducting subsequent interviews. Each interview must be treated as a first interview with a new person and you must show your confidence and interest level st every step of the process. Address the priorities of each person involved in the hiring process through the questions you ask.

    Most job seekers are not aware of the different types of interviews being conducted in today’s competitive job market. Implement ideas shared and your preparation will differentiate you from your competition and enhance your chances of being hired.

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    You can’t afford to spend as much as you did when you were employed. Your primary source of income no longer exists. Write down your expenses and differentiate between what you must spend money on as opposed to where you want to spend money.

    Contact your internet, cable and phone providers to see if you can obtain a discounted rate. Contact your insurance company to see if there are ways to reduce your home or auto insurance rates. If you live alone, consider a roommate. Eliminating unnecessary expenses will give you some extra breathing room while you are conducting your job search. Once you’ve identified expenses you can eliminate, rework your budget. Review any emergency fund money or savings you have and figure out how long it will last.

    Write down everything you spend in a month. Then list your bills in order of priority. Paying your mortgage or rent and your utility bills should be on the top of your list. Trim your grocery bill by shopping at discount stores, use coupons and buy generic items.

    Your creditors can become your ally especially if you have a track record of paying your bills on time.

    • Call your credit card companies and ask for a lower rate or transfer your balances to obtain a lower interest rate.
    • Check to see if you’re paying for credit insurance that would make payments for you for a specific timeframe.
    • Institutions who have granted you loans will often defer payments for a period of time and add them on to the end of your loan if you have a track record of prompt payments.

    If at all possible, refrain from the temptation of tapping in to your retirement funds. This could result is large financial penalties. Use your home equity with caution. You home equity is protected in bankruptcy court, so you want to guard your home at all costs.

    A bad credit rating is a burden you would have to bear for a time, but losing your home could be a far worse scenario. Conduct research to see if it is possible to refinance your mortgage.

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