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April 2014
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  • If you have been unemployed for more than 18-24 months, it will be very difficult for you to find a job through a third party recruiter.  In our last job seeker webinar, two individuals had registered with every recruiter in their profession and were very upset about the lack of results.  Unfortunately, when you have been unemployed in excess of 18 months, it is very difficult for a third party to place you in an opportunity.  Employers hire recruiters to identify individuals who have skills, stability and experience who are often currently employed by one of their competitors.

    The stability requirement is not so prevalent in temp or contract assignments.  Working temp or contract also puts recent experience on your resume and lets employers SEE your work ethic, skills and abilities.  Many employers prefer the “try before you buy” option which is why so many temporary employees or contractors are eventually hired.

    Take time to identify firms who specialize in your area of expertise and seriously consider a temp or contract position.  Most recruiters know when the opportunity could lead to a full-time opportunity.  Often contracts can last 12 – 24 months, which again provides that all important recent experience on your resume.

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  • Many employers are conducting team interviews to expedite the hiring process.  This type of interview can be extremely stressful for most job seekers.  For individuals who find individual interviews terrifying, a team interview is their worst nightmare.

    The key to managing interview stress is identical whether the interview is conducted by phone, in person or in front of a team.  The solution is to be more prepared than your competition.  Plan for a team interview, the same way you would for one-on-one interviews.  Don’t think about the fact that you will face more than one interviewer.

    Here are some tips for acing a team interview:

    • One person will probably handle most of the questioning.  However, when you give your answer make eye contact with all team members.
    • Remember to take extra copies of your resume to the interview (this is advisable even when you only think you will be interviewed by one person).  If you interview goes well, often companies will forward you on to additional people and having extra resumes shows you are prepared and proactive.
    • Each person on the team may have different priorities so it is important for your questions to address what is important to each person.
    • Obtain contact information or business cards from each person involved in the interview.
    • Arrive early so the stress of traffic or getting lost does not add to the stress of a team interview.
    • Display your interest and confidence in your ability to do the job.
    • Determine their timeframe for making a decision.
    • Set up your follow up contact.

    Follow this advice and you will ace your team interview!

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  • Spring is in the air! In less than two months, the job market will be flooded with recent college graduates. You may be the college student yourself or maybe you have gone back to school to enhance your credentials. If not, you may be facing additional competition in your job search.

    Take time in the next week to:
    Organize your job search records
    Re-contact every employer who received your resume
    Re-contact every hiring authority who interviewed you
    Reach out to your personal and professional network
    Consider additional job targets where you skills could be transferable

    There are also seasonal job opportunities that become available during summer months. If you are not working, this would provide you with current experience and the ability to network with co-workers as well as customers of your employer. Do not discount the value of seasonal employment. You may have to take a step back in income, but you could learn new skills that may enhance your resume. The greatest benefit is current experience listed on your resume. If you want better results, now is time to Spring into Action with your job search!

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  • Today I want to challenge you to complete the sixteen step process for finding a job as outlined in our Career Portal.  This process was created by individuals with extensive experience in placing people in jobs.  The job search process is separated into three primary topics PREPARE, SEARCH & CONNECT and INTERVIEW.   There are six steps under Prepare, five under Search and Connect and five under Interview.

    The information shared includes the confidential processes used by professional recruiters.  You will learn how to directly market yourself to targets, differentiate yourself from your competition, develop a personal brand, add momentum to your search and much more.  These techniques have proven to be successful and will provide you with positive results.

    If you are just beginning your job search or have been conducting your search for an extended period of time, you need to complete the six steps listed under Prepare.  If you did not set a sound foundation in the preparation stage of your job search, that could be sabotaging your ability to find a new job.

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  • Job Seekers are often caught completely off guard with unusual interview questions. Most interviewers start out with the typical question of “Tell me about yourself?” They then proceed to ask about experience and skills. This often then leads to unusual questions. Some examples could include:

    •“Coke A Cola has Coke but they also sell Dr. Pepper, a very different brand. How would you describe your brand?”
    •“If you could be a tree, what type of tree would you be?”

    These can be more difficult to answer than even behavioral interview questions that at least draw on specific situations in your past work history.

    Often these unusual questions are asked, to reveal your ability to think on your feet. They can reveal your level of self-confidence and self-esteem. If the truth be known, Coke A Cola has over 100 brands which each target a specific audience. People who drink Dasani Water may not even buy soft drinks. Most people don’t know Fuze Tea, Bacardi Mixers or Minute Maid is also owned by Coke A Cola. For purposes of the job interview, you must always think about the opportunity you are seeking when answering questions.

    You then determine if your brand should be aggressive or passive, flashy or subdued, sales driven or detailed oriented. In the case of the tree question, the job seeker answered a “Weeping Willow” because she always thought the tree was beautiful. Not exactly the answer the interviewer wanted to hear from someone being considered for a Sales Management position. This job seeker should have provided a tree that was strong like a Redwood Tree that is the largest tree in the world and equate that to their ability to generate the largest sales and profits.

    If you are faced with an unusual question, you can repeat the question to give yourself some time to think. If you are not sure what the interviewer is looking for, take time to clarify your understanding of the question and then answer. Remember, you are not the only person being interviewed and these questions are throwing other job seekers off as well. It’s important that you are not blind-sighted and provide an answer that helps the interviewer picture you as the perfect fit for their opportunity.

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