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February 2017
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  • You will conduct a much more successful job search if you are prepared and plan your calls at the end of each day. When you are in a job search, there are endless distractions, especially family members who are now comfortable putting demands on your time.

    When you are in a job search, you are in sales – which is a numbers game. You must send out resumes daily, call on resumes you have submitted prior and do everything you can to schedule either an informational or job interview every day.

    This is only possible, when you are focused and spend most of your time figuring out what you need to do, to schedule your next interview. You can submit 500 resumes a week, but if you schedule no interviews, you will not land your next job.

    As you complete your plan, focus on the efforts that have the best chance of giving you results. Any action or contact that can lead to an interview is best use of your time and should be at the top of your plan. If you are not planning for success, you are inadvertently planning for failure.

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  • There are two great things about the New Year. First, many people make a New Year’s Resolution to change their job which will result in open job opportunities. Secondly, companies start out the year with new hiring budgets.

    It’s also a great time to start a NEW PHASE of your job search. If you feel like your job search is stalled and you’re not getting the results you want, declare the first phase of your job search over as of today! Start Phase Two tomorrow with the same high expectations you had when you began your search, but now you are armed with the knowledge you’ve gained to date.

    • Reflect on what you’ve done right, and focus most of your time on those actions
    • Identify what wasted your time, and stop doing those things today
    • Try some new techniques, revise your resume or change your targets

    You can’t keep conducting your job search the same way and expect different results. It’s a New Year and you’re in the New Phase of your job search which will result in you accepting an opportunity that you deserve!

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  • When you first embark on your job search journey, you are filled with anticipation, enthusiasm and high expectations. If your job search efforts continue over a long period of time, you may experience rejection, objections and frustration. Many job seekers feel that their resume just gets lost in some deep dark hole never to be read or noticed. This is especially true, when you spend most of your time answering job boards or jobs that are posted on various websites. This is where you will encounter the highest level of competition and most likely the lowest level of results.

    You can limit rejection by implement the following:

    1. Only apply for jobs where your credentials match the requirements of the position
    2. Customize your cover letter and resume to highlight the appropriate key words for each position
    3. Spend most of your job search time developing and contacting your professional network
    4. Directly market yourself to hiring authorities DAILY! (To the person who would be your boss’s boss)

    Over 50% of job seekers find their next opportunity by networking and directly marketing themselves to hiring authorities. If you want more information on how to market yourself, log into our Career Portal and review the three phases of your Job Search – Prepare, Search & Connect and Interview. There are many tips in each phase that can breathe new life into your job search.

    It is important to realize that when you do not hear back from a company or hiring authority, chances are they are not rejecting YOU personally. In fact, your resume could have been screened out by an automated system. A Job Search is a sales process and each NO you hear is that much closer to a YES. Commit to a high level of actions each day, put most of your time into networking and direct marketing and you will begin to move your search forward while reducing the level of rejection.

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  • Over 50% of job seekers find their job though their networking efforts. Most of your time should be spend increase your network while you keep in touch with your current personal and professional network.

    The following are eight groups of people most job seekers include in their network:

    • Employers
    • Co-Workers
    • Subordinates
    • Customers
    • Family Members
    • Friends
    • Neighbors
    • Social Media Connections

    Many job seekers experience frustration in attempting to grow their networks. Often overlooked are all the individuals you know who are working. An individual does not have to be in your same profession, to have contacts with people in your profession.

    When you are in the job market you hear about people or companies who are hiring. Extend your network to everyone you know is working. You never know who could open a door or make an introduction on your behalf.

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  • When you provide references or accept recommendations, you could actually be hurting your ability to obtain a job offer. Almost daily I receive a notice from someone I don’t know, recommending me for something I don’t do.

    Recommendations on LinkedIn list the most recent recommendation first. Hiring authorities read your recommendations first or second when they review your profile. Only accept recommendations that highlight your most marketable skills and experience.

    The individuals providing reference checks can often hurt your chances of getting a job offer, while they are attempting to help you. This happens when someone giving you a reference stresses expertise and talents you have that won’t be used in the job you are targeting.

    It is for that reason, that you never want to provide references unless they are requested. Once they are requested, take time to contact your references and share the specifications of your targeted job. This will help them know what to emphasize from your experience during their recommendations and which skills they should highlight. This will help your chances of landing your next job.

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